Millerton Gun Club, Inc
Established 1941

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2011-2012 MGC Board of Directors:
President Skip North
Vice Pres Ron Watson
Bill Hurn Jr
Treasurer Geoff Talcott
Membership & 50/50 Doug Westfall
Range Officers Tom Williams & D.R. Cuddeback
House & Grounds Russ Flinn & Skip North
Camps Ron Watson & Skip North
Sick & Relief Ron Watson & Ruth Wright
Edu/Training Frank Tamburrino & Tom Williams

The Millerton Gun Club is in the beginning stages of replacing the news letter with this web page.  It is our intent to publish the monthly events, and any other items that would be of interest to our members. We will attempt to update this page as often as needed to keep our members informed.  If there are any comments or questions please feel free to email the webmaster at:

The Millerton Gun Club is a PRIVATE, Members only club.  Monthly meetings are CLOSED to the public.  Use of the Range and Club facilities are CLOSED to the public.
Here are some of the pictures I have salvaged from different people.  The photos you see here are part of a long history of our club.  YES "Babe" Ruth was a member up to his death in 1948.  And all of the sportsman before and after.  From the Clam Bakes to the shooting competitions.  I would ask EVERYONE to look into you albums and find ANY pictures of the club.  I will personally have them copied and placed on the website if you wish.  I want to start a history album to try to recapture our past and future.  If anyone has anything they would like to share please contact me !!
DR Cuddeback 518-821-9080  or GETVRTCL@OPTONLINE.NET
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